Parts & Service Available From High Point, NC to Around the Globe

Eurohansa BuildingTest facilityWith a complete inventory of parts for every ZENO machine we sell, Eurohansa, Inc. insures the fastest possible response for service and support from right here in High Point, NC. Our technicians are available for helping you with troubleshooting and/or parts replacement and we even offer onsite evaluations & maintenance. (Call for details & rates)

Eurohansa, Inc. is located in High Point, North Carolina. We do have machines available for material testing and product demonstrations and we welcome the opportunity to perform tests and demonstrations with our shredders using your materials. Several different sizes of machines with several different rotor diameters and classifying screens are normally available. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Spare parts  Spare parts  Spare parts

For extensive product testing & system wide requirements, ZENO’s full line recycling systems including every available component are available to our customers in Norken, Germany.