Plastic Recycling, MSW, Wood Recycling, C & D, Paper Recycling and Document Destruction

PlasticsFilm and Fibre“Plastic” covers several different materials. From solid forms like purging, nylon rods, sprockets and gears to molded parts such as toters, buckets, PC printer or monitor casings; to blown molded materials like bottles. Whether you are a manufacturer interested in reclaiming your scrap waste, or a recycler of plastics, regardless of type, form or volume, Eurohansa has the size-reduction machine or turnkey system for your application.

WoodConstruction & Demolition“Wood” also covers a lot of products.  Maybe you just have Pallets and need a pallet grinder. Perhaps you are a furniture manufacturer or a sawmill and want to put your residual waste to use as a boiler fuel.  Are you a recycler who wants to clean and reclaim, separate and sell everything you can reclaim from Construction and Demolition debris? Paper waste could also be classified under wood.  Document Destruction is a vastly growing industry.  Phone books, newspapers, cardboard & magazines have been recycled for years.  Call us.  We have the machine or system for your needs, again; regardless of material type, form or volume.


Document destruction

Municipal solid waste (MWS)Municipal Solid Waste, commonly referred to as MSW, is fast becoming a major recycling concern as well. Eurohansa has installed complete turnkey systems designed to sort and shred every type of material possibly found in a landfill site. We have installed systems capable of handling from 10, 20 even 40 tons per hour with as few as 5 workers.

Our expertise, knowledge and experience in the area of size-reduction is unsurpassed.  There is an infinite number of materials and combinations of materials and chances are, we have the right machine for whatever it is you have. For more information, check out our Application’s web pages to the left. The list is much too extensive to have a page for every one, so if you don’t see yours, or you do, and would like more information; call or contact us. We are standing by to help!

Wood Recycling is a long standing industry and a major source for landscapers across the country and the globe of mulch.  Wood Recycling is also an important supply of energy for major manufacturing operations. Pallet Grinding, a form of wood recycling, is key to reducing landfill costs and tipping fees. Pallet Grinding, using pallet grinders such as our ZENO ZTLL Pallet Grinders, is a major component in such a wood recycling and grinding system. Pallet grinders are available for any volume.  Furniture scrap grinders are used to size-reduce Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and Particleboard as well as solid woods like pine, oak, spruce or maple. MDF and Particleboard are used in a lot of wood recycling programs.  Furniture scrap grinders are Vertical, Low speed/High torque Shredders, or Horizontal Wood Grinders.  Sawmills will use grinders to grind up slabs and end-trim as well as Lilly Pads.  Lilly Pad Grinders are used to grind up the curve that is cut out of trees often referred to as Lilly Pads. Pallet, Furniture Scrap, & Particleboard Grinders typically think of the ZENO ZTLL Model Grinders for ease of loading. Sawmill operators needed grinders for lengthy slab waste rippings,(also called rips) typically use Horizontal Grinders because this type of grinder can be installed inline with rip saws & edging saws.  Some people refer to these as rips and edgings grinders.

Plastic Recycling is a huge constantly growing industry.  Plastic shredding has not been around as long as wood grinding, but plastic shredding in Europe is a part of every day life.  Plastic recycling plays a huge roll in industry today and a lot of new products come from plastic recycling efforts of major manufacturers. Plastic Film shredders have become widely popular. Plastic Film shredders are used as the initial size-reduction step in a plastic recycling facility. Film shredders typically take the film type plastic and reduce it to from 1.5 - 2” particles. From there it is sent to a secondary size-reduction machine (typically a granulator) to be further reduced before going to an extruder where the plastic is heated, molded to a desired shape & cooled. Film shredders have helped pick up the pace in plastic recycling. Film shredders have become the focal point of many applications and the same is true of Fiber shredders. Fiber shredders are very important because you can batch feed endless fibers into a fiber shredder. Before fiber shredders, these endless fibers had to be cut and control-fed into granulators.  The same holds true for hard plastic grinders.  Purging shredders and grinders are very similar to film & fiber shredders. All of these allow plastics manufacturers & recyclers to reclaim products they couldn’t have just a few short years ago.  Plastic grinders and shredders have opened up a whole new avenue of reclaimable materials. These types of products will damage a knife type granulator, whereas hard plastic and purging shredders/grinders can safely reduce the size of these parts in the low speed high torque environment.

Bottle Recycling is a great market for reclaiming plastic waste. Often used in the carpet industry, the bottle recycling process usually incorporates bottle shredders. Bottle shredders as you may have guessed are not at all different than film shredders or purge shredders.  Bottle recycling relies on bottle shredders because of the capacity to dump-feed bales of recovered bottles at one time.  The bottle recycling process often requires much more machinery than a bottle shredder, but it is a key component.

Document Destruction is practically the law of the land in today’s society.  ZENO document shredders are entirely different from the crosscut shredders so commonly used today. This is about to change. Document Destruction depends on the complete destruction of documents and crosscutting tends to leave potentially important information intact.  For Document Destruction, rely of the ZTLP.doc series of document shredders. Our document shredder totally destroys all information period. Document Destruction will be the norm and not the exception in coming years. Document Shredders will be a staple and the ZTLP.doc will be the leader in the industry.  Paper recycling is already very big and paper shredding is a vastly growing market. Our paper shredders and paper recycling machinery play an important roll in the paper recycling and the paper shredding industry.  Industrial paper shredders and paper recycling equipment have become a very important part of our manufacturing program. Rely on Eurohansa Inc. and ZENO for your paper recycling equipment needs.

Medical Waste is another fast growing industry. Many landfills do not allow untreated and size-reduced medical waste. Medical waste shredders are an important part of the medical waste recycling industry. Medical waste shredders are designed to handle sharps and other contaminates, while shredding the material to a manageable size for treatment and disposal.  The medical waste recycling industry relies on ZENO’s ZTLP-MW Medical Waste shredders for size reduction.  Medical waste machinery is available to the industry for destruction and disposal applications worldwide.

Construction and Demolition, also referred to as C&D, produces tons of waste. Construction debris shredders are very important to C&D companies for a variety of uses. Construction and demolition grinders need to be stout and sturdy and preferably low speed to prevent damage from the inevitable rebar or transformer box. C & D recycling grinders are built to withstand the inevitable contaminants found in construction and demolition debris.  Our ZDV Pre-breakers are designed for just such materials as C&D has to offer.  Construction and demolition shredders are also called construction and demolition grinders, or even debris shredders. Shredders for construction scrap can handle demolition debris which used to be good for nothing but a landfill. Now demolition debris can be salvaged and recycled into different products.  Construction waste shredders and demolition grinders can pale in comparison to a ZDV Twin-Rotor Breaker which can be mounted onto trailers for mobility.  Whether you call it C&D or construction and demolition debris it has to be size-reduced.  We call it a ZDV Twin Rotor Breaker and we have a full line of grinders for demolition debris.  C & D recycling grinders shredders for construction scrap are available from 10 tons per hour, up to 40 tons per hour. Call us for more details

Bottle Recycling requires Plastic Shredders and Granulators as well as other Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottle recycling equipment.  PET bottle recycling includes the PET bottle shredders and PET Bottle grinders, but also sorting equipment and probably separation equipment as well.  Like in MSW or Municipal Solid Waste for municipal waste recovery, metal will often be inside the bottles themselves or bales of bottles. Successful bottle recycling requires the right plastic recycling systems. High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle recycling is the same. HDPE Bottle recycling equipment is the same. The correct PET bottle grinders and PET bottle shredders should be able to house loose bottles and baled bottles but should match the volume. Just like MSW or municipal waste recovery systems, HDPE bottle recycling can include all of the same components. Bottle recycling on a grand scale includes the ZENO PET bottle Grinders and PET bottle Shredders. Just like bottle recycling on a smaller scale does.  Municipal waste recovery includes some of the same components, because of the amount of bottles found in MSW