Construction Debris grinders and separation equipment

ZDVZDOne of the most difficult materials to process in the recycling industry is Construction & Demolition Debris (C&D) and Municipal waste, because of the high contamination content. Rebar, electrical boxes, sometimes even worse. In the past, companies have had to rely on Tub-Grinders with a high likelihood of catastrophic damages and costly repairs caused by these materials, or go to the huge expense of material sorting before even thinking about grinding. Well not any more! Eurohansa, Inc. presents the ZDV Twin-Rotor Breaker!

Mobile or stationary units are available for 10, 20, 30 even 40 tons per hour! The low speed, high torque design allows for bale-breaking or the processing of heavily contaminated C&D or Municipal Waste Recycling (MRF)

Twin rotorsThe design allows foreign materials to pass through this machine without incurring any damages. Our heavy-duty cutting tools are embedded and bolted into twin, solid steel rotors turning in towards each other. The cutters (in this instance) are re-tippable and two sided. The ZDV can also be equipped with 4 sided cutters, depending on your application. Once the ZDV has ground the material to manageable size, the metal can be easily removed by magnets.

The ZDV is great for size-reducing railroad ties, which can be processed without removing the steel plates! A real labor-cost saver. This can be done with magnets, after the grinding process! Try that with a tub-grinder!

Railroad ties before ZDV Railroad ties before ZDV
For Mobile applications, we can supply your ZDV breaker all framed up and ready to install on your flat bed trailer. The framed container can include the Mercedes, 6 cylinder diesel generator or you can choose to supply your own source of power. We can supply an air-conditioned cabin for you to run the supplied hydraulic grapple, or you can load the Breaker with your own front-end loaders. Basically you tell us what you want & we can build it!

C&DTo reach a useable material for mulch or boiler fuel, a secondary grinder should be used. In a stationary application, the metal-free material would be conveyed directly into a ZTLL Low speed shredder or even a high speed Horizontal Grinder to further size-reduce the material. Below is a ZDV Breaker being grapple loaded with construction & demolition debris. The material is falling out of the breaker and moving underneath a powerful overhead magnet to separate all the metal. In the second picture, an inclined conveyor is taking the material from the ZDV and dropping it into a ZTLL Single shaft shredder for C&Dsize-reduction to a boiler fuel chip.

Complete and automated systems for C&D materials are designed and manufactured for turnkey installations including size reduction, sorting and grading of Construction and Demolition waste. Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Startup – everything is available from one source. Call us today for quotes on individual machines or size-reduction systems.