Sorting machinery & equipment for the recycling industry

 Sorting Schamatic

Loding a sorterIn the early days waste streams ran over grading belts and only the most desirable items were hand-picked by a rather large number of crew. From those early days of hand-sorting, to the high-tech and almost fully automatic systems available from ZENO GmbH noticeably dramatic improvements - both technologically and logistically - have taken place. ZENO took part in this development from the very beginning, and thanks to continuous research and vast experience resulting from over a decade of development, ZENO is considered the leading supplier of turnkey installations in this niche of the recycling industry

Sorting houseWe are designing and installing complete and turnkey sorting facilities wholly engineered and manufactured by ZENO. These systems include everything needed to sort up to 40 tons per hour (per line) automatically and with as little personnel as possible. The lines can include a bag opener, trommel screen, magnets (both eddy-current and rare-earth) disc screens and the Auto-sort components used to sort PE from PET, HDPE from PVC, whatever you want sorted. Glass, paper, metal, rubber, one type of plastic from another, wood, fiber, whatever your needs. We even build air-conditioned sorting houses with as many or as few manned stations as required.

Separation and sortingTake the guess work out and call us. Tell us your volume and what you want sorted and what you want to discard, how many people to involve and an idea of the space you will have available and we will work with you to provide an engineered solution with detailed drawing and specific detailed quotations on a Sorting line to suit your needs.