Plastics Recycling machinery and equipment . Plastic shredders and Grinders

As the cost of virgin resins are ever in flux, successful manufacturers all over the world have realized the value of in-house reclaiming of their plastic scrap for reuse in the manufacturing process. Likewise, recycler’s of plastic materials (also called ‘toll-grinders’) have made a business of reclaiming plastic waste and selling the recycled pellets back to the manufacturers. Of course to be successful in either venture, means choosing the right machine’s for the job - not only to generate the required end-product, but to generate it cheaply & consistently

What is cheaply? To arrive at a concrete conclusion, the upfront cost of the equipment must be taken into consideration. But should not be the deciding factor. Where one equipment line might be cheaper upfront, the manpower, maintenance & longevity issues of his ‘inexpensive line’ might cost you the farm! Whether you are a recycler of plastics, or a manufacturer who is contemplating installing your own reclaim line, Eurohansa can take the guess work out of choosing the right machinery for your application. We offer single machine’s, or complete & automated lines. Here are the basic components of a plastics recycling or reclaim line;

ZTLPThe ZTLP series, low noise, low speed, single-shaft shredders have become the most popular addition to any reclaim or recycling system. These heavy-duty shredders allow for ‘batch-dumping’ of  materials, whether in baled or loose form, eliminating the need of a full-time operator. Using conveyors, self dumping hoppers, front-end loaders, even Gaylord Box Dumper units, these units are Program Logic Controlled to perform all functions of the grinding process without the need of supervision. So the guy that has been standing there hand-feeding that granulator is a thing of the past. (Savings? A $30k salary per year!)

The ZENO Shredders are the culmination of more than 25 years of manufacturing and application experience, which show in every detail of these heavy-duty machines. Packed with design features and engineering know-how, the ZTLP shredder is available in more than 30 different (standard) sizes to suit virtually any application. For throughput capacities from 200 lbs./hr. up to 20,000 lbs/hr. with your choice of classifying screens from ½” up to 4”, ZENO through Eurohansa, Inc delivers the right machine for your application. In some cases, the ZTLP Shredders can be used in a stand-alone capacity, reducing your scrap to the required particle size in just on step. Depending on your requirements, you may require a two-step system, in which a traditional knife-type granulator is needed. We do work with several top manufacturers and we can supply the complete turnkey system if needed. To compliment the installation, we carry a wide variety of auxiliary equipment such as infeed and discharge conveyors, metal detection & separation devices, automatic box-dumpers. Down stream equipment such as secondary grinders, storage silo’s, blowers, cyclone’s and fines separation equipment.

Bundle feederWhile the Hopper type machines are the best solution for batch-dumping materials (Gaylord boxes, bales, etc.), It is not the answer in every case. Where long scrap such as PVC profiles are involved, we offer the ZTH Horizontal Feed units to provide the user with a one step, size reduction system. A vibrating In-feed table (available in any length) transports the materials into the cutting chamber, via our gear-driven, feed controlled, infeed rollers. Add a Bundle Feed Loading Station completely eradicate costly personnel to feed scrap  into a

Dual shaftThe dual-shaft systems are used mainly in the tire industry today; in conjunction with several other processing steps. The Dual-shaft machines are being replaced in most other industries, with the introduction of the ZENO model ZTLP single-shaft shredders where you have much more control over the out-coming material size. Because the ZTLP can be equipped with the increased rotor diameters, we no longer rely on dual-shaft units for large bulky parts.Where necessary, rely on ZENO for your Dual-shaft needs. These heavy duty machines are powered by two main motors turning through extra-heavy-duty gearboxes to provide tremendous torque to the dual rotor system, with a much simpler and more easily exchangeable cutter system. Click Here for more information

High speed – knife type – Granulators are the most widely used and preferred method of size-reduction equipment. Typically, these machines are located near the production equipment or in some central location where someone is paid to feed scrap into the machine all day. More & more,people are adding a shredder to this line, to automate & streamline the scrap reclaim systems, but the Granulators still play a major roll. Where Shredders are incorporated, the High speed knife granulatoruser has the ability to reclaim every form of scrap generated. (like purgings) In order to produce smaller particles required by some extruders, the material would be transported by conveyor, into a secondary size-reduction unit. I.e. A Granulator. An alternative to Shredder/Granulator combinations, is this miracle machine by ZENO. The ZSM Cutting mill! Our patented system and revolutionary design has been well received in Europe, where recycling is a way of life. Now offered on the North American market by Eurohansa, Inc. the ZENO model ZSM  offers over 6000 hours of service before a tool change is necessary! A wide variety of unique design features and options are available on these beauties. Not for every type of material and only available in several sizes, this will not be the cheapest machine you’ll price, but with 6000 hours between cutter changes? Well – you do the math. We do offer a wide variety of knife-type granulators available from your manufacturer of choice.