Wood Recycling machinery and equipment. Wood grinders and Pallet Grinders

Pallet lodingPAddle conveyor outFor over 15 years, Eurohansa, Inc. has been supplying the industry with the heaviest duty most reliable wood grinders in the world. With hundreds of installations in the United States and thousands worldwide, companies know the ZENO name stands for quality and reliability, carrying the trademark “made in Germany” traditions.

Typical installation of a ZENO grinder in a furniture plant includes the ZTLL in a position to be batch fed by forklift, self-dumping hoppers, front-end loaders or even by conveyor and works fully automatic and without supervision. Size reduction of pallets and pallet waste into chips for the particle board and MDF industry with a ZTLL grinder. Any type of wood related waste is handled easily by the ZTLL Low Noise, Low Speed Grinders. Depending on the screen size, chips are also used for mulch, boiler fuel or animal bedding. Click the following standard sizes of the ZTLL Grinders, or check out the entire line! (Over 80 different Low Speed Grinders to choose from).

There are any number of components available to the wood industry to compliment your ZENO Grinder From our standard, heavy-duty belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors our scraping conveyors, to overhead magnetic separation, sifting, sorting, storage and loading equipment. Everything you need for a successful and long-lasting system.

HorizontalHere inline grinders are needed to handle strip & slab waste, ask about our ZTH, ZMTH & ZMTH_L line of Horizontal Grinders. Also referred to as wood-hogs. ZENO has been manufacturing horizontal grinders for almost 50 years, and actually invited the long lasting cutter used in the ZMTH for use in the particleboard industry!

Horizontal shredderTypically, our horizontal conveyors are equipped with a vibrating infeed table (any length available) to catch the material off of the rip saw (or other production machines). The material is transported to the infeed throat of the grinder where it is caught by gear-driven infeed rollers (top & bottom) which are feed controlled through a PLC unit. The Horizontal units can be further complimented by a series of auxiliary components such as the vibrating dozier (above middle) the automating bundle-strip loading station, or even a large capacity, chain-driven feed system to allow batch-dumping with the horizontal feed units!Horizontal dozier

Perhaps your business includes, forestry waste, C&D, railroad ties or just phenomenally high volumes of waste wood. And ZDVjust maybe, you are simply sick-and-tired of repairing those high speed tub-grinders. Then the ZENO model ZDV Twin Rotor Breakers may be for you! These are low noise, low speed units designed to process 10, 20, or 30 tons per hour of the most difficult, most contaminated materials out there. Railroad ties with the metal brackets still attached? No problem. Metal ridden C& D Waste? You bet. Ask about the ZDV Twin Rotor Breakers!

C&D grinding with overhead magnet metal removedYou can see the picture above (right) of just a small portion of the metal content we pulled off of the discharge belt conveyor (with an overhead magnet) after it had gone through the ZDV. The biggest part we’ve found to date? A 22 kW motor! This machine is nearly indestructible! Click Here to learn more about the ZDV. When wood waste recycling requires large capacities and reliable and solid machines, generating a marketable product, EUROHANSA, INC provides solutions and engineering know-how!